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iTracker System Introduction


The world has changed to be more digital. While Traditional Media is major, well-structured, Digital Media is still lacking key tools & utilities to help marketers in terms of planning, monitoring and evaluating the campaign activities. 

Amongst them, Digital Media monitoring is the key action point to help marketers and digital planners to understand about the market and competitors’ activities, in order to develop or adjust the digital investment and plan accordingly. 

iTracker, a product of Vietdev Corp, is proprietary tool to monitor online media activities of Vietnam advertising market to provide the online adex (advertising expenditure) and all online campaign buys. Moreover, iTracker also brings up a possibility of benchmarking online media weights as well as communications strategies in the process of planning.

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Why choose iTracker ?
  • First appearance system for online adex monitoring

  • Flexibility of reporting

  • Robust automated monitoring system with dedicated expertise team along

  • Business and Media supported intelligence system

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Customized Reports

Custom report-based is also called online competitive review which helps brands to update online market spends, category spends, competitors’ analysis based on their online communications campaigns being monitored by iTracker. This report will be delivered to you periodically (monthly, quarterly).

Key Features
  • Display media Monitoring.
  • Search (SEM) competitive Report.
  • Paid social monitoring