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We provide the data services via account subscription or customized reports for Advertisers, Agencies and Publishers. Here are some report features:

The utmost minor data unit of our data system is accumulated and constantly updated campaign creative banners of the market. The benefit for marketers/planners as those who constantly retrieve the banners is to seize the digital activities of your competitors in terms of the communications message interpretation.

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This is the daily report for marketers/planners to obtain the digital media advertising activities based on the subscribed brands. It enables the short notice of competitors' activities to brands.

Daily Report can help:

- Alert instantly the competitors' action on display advertising.
- Bring in daily report about the competitors' communications messages which are critical for brands to prepare the necessary marketing or digital effort against "the attack".
- File the competitors' digital continuous assets for evaluation and taking proper actions from this source of information.

Cost Value Report features the spending value data of any kinds of categories, advertisers, brands, models which have online display advertising placements in Vietnam market.

Cost Value Report can help:

- Review spending value of the market, the categories, advertisers, brands, models.
- Get to know the investment strategies as well as the effort of competitors.
- Propose the proper spending strategies based on cost value data.

Evaluation Report enables detailed evaluation on campaign level or brand level performance via such metrics as SOS (Share Of Spend), SOV (Share Of Voice), SOI (Share Of Interest)... This report is target – selectable (by Gender & AgeGroup).

Shortly, Evaluation Report can help:

- Post-Buy the campaigns.
- Obtain campaign target report and evaluate it against competitors.
- Get to know how effective the campaigns are placed on different media channels (Single Sites, Adnetworks, Facebook, Google, Youtube,..).
- Study the brands' or models' performance in comparison with competitors'.
- Support the right media planning by taking out key learnings from campaigns' or brands' performance results.

This Ad Hoc Reporting Services cover customized reports, such as: category review, competitive report, performance analysis report,… which are done by iTracker Team. In short, it is the on-demand report but with deep analysis, not the raw data run. It can be subscribed by month, quarterly, yearly or in such a period requested by clients.

Moreover, in a special way, iTracker also opens the opportunity for clients for subscribing their own Ad Hoc Research tracking features customized for their specific digital marketing goals. This is to ensure enhanced and extented digital value measurements.


August 2016


August 2016

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